Dodge Challenger Parts

Despite its late entry into the pony car game, the first-gen Dodge Challenger (1970-74) made a splash among the Mopar faithful. Together with its Plymouth stablemate, the Barracuda, the early E-body muscle cars are now prized by gearheads. Though essentially the same over its four-year production run, the Challenger had several key stylistic changes over that span, affecting parts like its hood, bumpers, taillights, and grille. Throughout its first generation, the Dodge Challenger boasted an array of engine options, ranging from the humble Slant 6 all the way to the “Elephant” 426 Hemi. Buyers could also choose several flavors of the 318, 340, 383, and 440 Magnum V8s. The Challenger carried several trim levels, like the famous R/T (Road/Track) and T/A (Trans Am), plus later Rallye editions. Got a first-gen Challenger? Keep it running strong and looking good with these upgrade and repair parts.

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